Tours for Children


article images   Children will enjoy a Blue Beacon guided tour as people and places are brought to life with exciting stories.  All the tours are adapted for the children’s age and can include activities and treasure hunts.  Children’s tours are customised to suit your needs.

Some of the most popular children’s tours include:

Ancient Egypt here we come!

Become an intrepid explorer and unlock the mystery of the mummies at the British Museum.  What was kept inside the “canopic” jars?  Find out about, “Ginger” who lived on earth over 5000 years ago, discover Ramesses II and hear the story of how his 7 tonne statue travelled from Egypt to London.
Tour duration 2 hours

A London Trilogy

Enjoy a day’s adventure.  Can you find Wembley football stadium, Nelson’s column and the tallest building in the UK from the London Eye?  This is the best viewing platform for a monumental game of I Spy.  Then board a state of the art boat for an exciting cruise to the Tower of London.  Pretend to be a pirate as you sail through the many bridges that span the river Thames.   Finally capture the castle and the imagination as your Blue Badge Guide takes you on a tour of the Tower of London where you will find out about “murder holes”, “traitors” and stories of great escapes.
Tour duration Full Day

Museum Must See

The area of South Kensington is home to some of the greatest museums in the world.  Your Blue Badge Guide will take you to the Natural History Museum where you will be introduced to the dinosaurs that once roamed across the Earth and you will meet the now extinct Dodo.  After this you will lift off your imagination at the Science Museum as you learn how the space age started in 1957 and marvel at the suits worn in outer space.
Tour duration 2 hours

Please note each group of children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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