Norman Defence and Charles Dickens



The Facts

Duration Norman Defence and Charles Dickens Tour
Full Day
Highlights Rochester Castle
Satis House which inspired Miss Havisham's home in Great Expectations
Rochester Cathedral

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Rochester is a town in the county of Kent, which is often referred to as the, “Garden of England”.  From Rochester it is a pleasant drive to Leeds Castle.  This is one of the most beautiful castles in the south east of England.  As well as the fine interiors there is a fantastic maze, beautiful gardens and an aviary.  Your Blue Badge Guide will reveal the joys of the Kent countryside and Leeds Castle.
Duration Full Day
article image   Rochester is an historically strategic port and city on the river Medway with a fine ruined Norman castle and one of the oldest English cathedrals.  The ancient roads from London to Dover and Canterbury, on which Roman invaders, Norman conquerors and Chaucer's pilgrims trod, traverse Rochester.  The town and the surrounding area are infused with references to the life and works of Charles Dickens, who grew up in the area.  Your Blue Badge Guide will introduce you to the techniques involved in Norman castle building and transport you back in time to the world of Charles Dickens.

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