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British Museum

The Facts

Duration British Museum Tour
2 hours
Highlights Rosetta Stone
Parthenon Frieze
Portland Vase

Brighter Blue Tour

The British Museum lies in the district of Bloomsbury. Combine a visit to the British Museum with a walking tour around the local area. See the fine architecture in a part of London famed for its writers, university and stunning squares.
Duration Brighter Blue Extension 
1 hour 30 minutes approx

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Visit one of the greatest museums in the world and discover artefacts from prehistoric to modern times. The museum was founded in 1753 and the collection is continuously added to. Marvel at the Rosetta Stone and hear how it unlocked the mysteries of the ancient Egyptians, enjoy the beauty of the Parthenon sculptures, see the Sutton Hoo treasures as well as many more exciting objects from around the world. Your Blue Badge Guide will show you the museum’s highlights and bring the exhibits to life with tales of their history and discovery.

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