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DurationGreenwich Tour
Half Day
Highlights Stand on the Prime Meridian of the World
Stand high on the hill and be amazed at the views across London

Brighter Blue Full Day Tour

Greenwich is down stream from the centre of town.  It can be visited in a day, but why not make the journey there part of the adventure?  King Henry VIII travelled to Greenwich by boat so this is a route fit for a king.  Follow in his footsteps and your Blue Badge Guide will show you the sights along the way.   
Duration Brighter Blue Extension
Full Day

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Longitude Zero 0° 0' 0"!!! Greenwich stands quite literally at the centre of the world and provides views of London that will take your breath away. Stand on the Prime Meridian line and be in the eastern and western hemispheres at the same time. Your Blue Badge Guide will lead you through the Old Royal Hospital, home to stunning artwork and fine architecture. You will hear about the royal history of Greenwich where both king Henry VIII and queen Elizabeth I were born and enjoy the sheer grandeur of the buildings.

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